Nice news of the day – December 25, 2018

Without exaggeration, I could post for the next two months with just articles about people making sure everyone in North Dakota can have a joyful Christmas.  For the sake of space, here is a sampling of them:

An anonymous donor paid off all 30 of the outstanding lunch balances at Carl Ben Eielsen Middle School. (My ND Now)

Grand Forks has the best bell ringer. (Grand Forks Herald)

The Girl Scouts delivered blankets to the Welcome House (bonus: really cute quotes from the girls). (MyNDNow)

And the Girl Scout Daisies made friendship bracelets. (Dunn County Extra)

And the Bowman Cub Scouts rang bells for the Salvation Army. (Bowman Extra)

And so did Barb Sinner’s day care students. (KVRR)

A retired teacher acted as a surrogate grandparent. (KVRR)

And a Blanchard couple has made the season bright. (Hillsboro Banner)

Golden Drive Homeless Kids filled five trucks with presents. (KVRR)

Middle schoolers in Minot wrapped books. (KFYR TV)

And fifth graders at Bakken Elementary picked out toys for other kids (using money that they raised). (Williston Herald)

North Dakota’s Fraternal Order of Police, the Dickinson Police Department, and the Stark County’s Sheriff’s Office took 25 kids shopping. (Dickinson Press)

And the Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Office took kids to Target. (Grand Forks Herald)

Peacock Mercantile made it easy to anonymously help one another. (Adams County Extra)

Magical Minoters stuffed cop cars full of toys. (My ND Now)

Santa’s definitely going to be getting his calcium this year. (Grand Forks Herald)

More than 200 people in and around Lincoln made sure 40 families had presents on Christmas. (KFYR TV)

And speaking of 200, 200 families (496 children) also had a Happy Christmas thanks to the community of Jamestown. (Jamestown Sun)

AND speaking of 200, 231 children shut down Walmart in Williston. (KFYR TV)

And of course – remember that today isn’t a day off for everyone. (McKenzie County Farmer)

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