Nice news of the day – November 2, 2018

North Dakota is a place for families.  North Dakota is also home to arguably the best military personnel in the country.  Put those two things together and you have the Van Horns.  U.S. Army Maj. Lisa Van Horn, chief of patient administration, and her daughter, U.S. Pfc. Jenna Van Horn, a pharmacy specialist, are currently serving together in Kuwait as a part of their Army Reserve unit deployment. (Fargo Forum)

My seven-year old son would use his own tooth fairy money to see someone drop in a dunk tank, which is why Fuel the Fight hosted a fundraising “Fuel the Fight” dunk tank event to raise gas money for Trinity CancerCare’s patients who have to drive to Minot for treatment.  Fifty-percent of the Trinity’s oncology patients have to drive more than 50 miles. (KFYR TV)

There’s world-class, and then there’s time-class; an exhibit of a feathered Hell Creek Alvarezsaurid at the Dickinson Dinosaur Museum received the Lanzendorf-National Geographic paleoart sculpture prize at the annual Meeting of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology.  Also, I think that sentenced used every available letter of the alphabet. (Dickinson Press)

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