Nice news of the day – October 22, 2018

Pizza is great.  You can eat it with your hands.  Two of its primary ingredients are cheese and bread.  It’s one of those foods that tastes amazing at 2:00 in the morning.  So it’s no surprise to find a good story about pizza – in this case, 142,498 slices of pizza.  Jenny and Mike Stevens of Little Caesars in Fargo have given away thousands of pizzas to the homeless over the last two years.  While Mike unfortunately passed away last winter, Jenny and her daughters continue to carry on the tradition.  You can help them out (those pizza slices cost roughly $70,000) by clicking here. (Today)


I have a lot of love for (and wall space at my house dedicated to) prairie art.  I love it at harvest, when all you can see is gold and green and brown for miles.  I love it in the spring, when everything is soggy and new.  And nothing makes winter more palatable than hoarfrost.  Fargo wildlife and landscape artist Michael Dunn is exhibiting his own take on “Prairie Life” at Red Door Art Gallery in Wahpeton.  His exhibition also includes a series of workshops: basic drawing techniques, water mediums, and advanced instruction. (Wahpeton Daily News)


If I had known there was an International Order of the Rainbow for Girls when I was growing up, I would have signed up just so I could bedazzle my own super-awesome rainbow jacket.  Rainbow for Girls in Williston (and all of North Dakota) is looking for the next generation of members who are interested in volunteerism, teamwork, and hosting a Winter Formal.  The article doesn’t say anything about sparkly rainbow jackets, but I’m sure they would be fine with it.  Rainbow for Girls is part of the Masonic group of organizations and is open to people 11 to 20. (Williston Herald)


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