Nice news of the day – October 19, 2018

For whatever reason, North Dakotans have a difficult time outwardly express our grief.  Maybe it’s because we don’t want to bother anyone with our troubles.  Maybe we’re embarrassed.  Maybe it’s the stoic Norwegian way.  However, two Fargo women are working to create a loving, supportive community so that families who have suffered the devastating loss of a child don’t have to grieve alone. (Fargo Forum)


I was in Target last month when a hundred phones began to buzz with a missing child alert.  Surprised the bajeezus out of all of us.  Totally worth it, because that text system (called CodeRED) has already returned a New Salem toddler back to his family. (MyNDNow)


I love any and all opportunities to reward young people for honing their communication and leadership skills.  Congratulations to Esofi Nunyi for being named the Distinguished Young Woman of North Dakota! (West Fargo Pioneer)


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