Nice news of the day – October 12, 2018

New England, which once didn’t have a store, celebrates co-op store’s 11th anniversary (New England Extra)

Before a group of women worked together to open a community co-op in New England, the closest place to buy homestuffs was Dickinson.  The New England Grocery’s manager, Shelby Clark, has been working hard to grow the co-op, freezing prices, anticipating needs, and reorganizing the shelves for ease of shopping, collaborating with the nearby prison to stock the commissary, and helping with the school’s concessions.  Shelby has more changes coming to beautify the building, and will be supported by the numerous volunteers in town who have helped to make the co-op thrive.  The co-op’s Facebook page stays up-to-date with the latest ads.  Visit it here.

Rural Arts Initiative brings “Visions of Home” to the country (Cavalier County Extra)

Thanks to a collaboration by the Northern Lights Art Council and the North Dakota Museum of Art, art pieces by Walter Piehl, Jim Dow, Carol Hepper, Todd Hepper, and many more will be on display at the Cavalier County Courthouse from October 10th – 18th.  The exhibit, themed to North Dakota, is free to the public, and is part of a series of annual events by the Northern Lights Arts Council that includes theater, art classes, free movies in the park, and book discussions.

The “Power of Pink” takes the cake for Trinity Health (KFYR TV)

Pink cakes of all shapes and sizes were auctioned off on October 10, 2018 at the Power of Pink event to raise money for the Trinity Health’s Cancer Exercise Rehabilitation Program.  The Cancer Rehab Program, which is free to participants, gives cancer patients the opportunity to minimize fatigue through circuit training at the YMCA.  While the 2018 numbers have not been released, the 2017 Power of Pink event raised $15,000.

Photo by Tim Bish

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