North Dakota Nice: New Flavors Food Truck spices up Grand Forks

This story comes from a kind reader in Grand Forks:

[But first, a quick note: Pete Haga won a Knight Cities Challenge grant in 2017 to finance an international food truck. You can read more about it here.]

I just wanted to publicly say thank you to Pete Haga for bringing the New Flavors Food Truck to Grand Forks. I went to lunch at Steers the other day and it was packed and I think we have the food truck to thank a little bit for that.  While I think Steers was a restaurant before the food truck, I didn’t learn about it until the food truck was at the Farmer’s Market.  Besides Steers, I have been to the food truck a few times and always had something different that I had never had before.  We are lucky that Pete brought us the food truck, and we are lucky have Pete in Grand Forks.

Thank you for your submission, friend!  You can follow the New Flavors Food Truck on Facebook here.


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