Nice news of the day – September 20, 2018

Keith Benning travels to North Carolina to help hurricane animals (Grand Forks Herald)

Keith Benning, co-founder of the Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue with Kim Benning and Lacey Strietzel, is in North Carolina rescuing animals from cars and porches after Hurricane Florence.  So far, he has saved 10 animals.

Anna and Adam Marohl host fun run to raise thousands for the Sanford Family Bereavement Fund (Wahpeton Daily News)

After losing their son, Max, at 18 weeks gestation, Anna and Adam Marohl were comforted by a bereavement box containing molds of Max’s hands and feet, a candle, an angel pin, and other care items.  The 8th annual Miles for Max Kids Run, held in Fargo and Wahpeton, is as much for exercise as it is for healing, and allows grieving families to share their stories and support one another while raising money to purchase bereavement boxes.

North Dakota Chaplains Association celebrates Rev. Adrian Olson as Chaplain of the Year (Cavalier County Extra)

While Reverend Adrian Olson felt called to service as early as high school, it wasn’t until his children got older that he became an ordained minister. Today, after leading parishes around North Dakota, Rev. Olson serves Maple Manor Care in Langdon. In his “free time,” Rev. Olson, his wife, and the Langdon Senior Citizens group make Prayer Quilts for hospital and care center residents.

photo by Lui Peng

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