North Dakota Nice: A Samaritan saves a shopping trip

This story is from an awesome mom out of Bismarck named Kourtney:

This mom forgot her head today and I want to say thank you!

Thank you to whoever saw my diapers and formula sitting in Sam’s parking lot and turned them in. Whether it was a shopper or an employee – thank you!!!!

I got home and went to get the baby and middle child out while figuring out my game plan to get those items out next, and realized I didn’t even put them in the vehicle. I tried no cart today and set them down next to the vehicle to put baby in first and completely walked away from the diapers and formula. It had only been about 10 minutes from the time I left the store so I called and they were already at Member Services.


Thank you to that kind stranger, and thank you so much for sharing, Kourtney!

photo by Isaac Benhesed


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