Nice news of the day – September 19, 2018

North Dakota medical response teams head to North Carolina (WDAY)

Nearly 30 volunteers, or two teams, of North Dakota’s Emergency Preparedness and Response Section are on their way to North Carolina after the state put out a request for assistance after a devastating hurricane.  The teams are made up of EMT’s, RN’s, and paramedics, and will work in medical shelters for two weeks.

Jamestown holds Walk to Silence the Stigma in support of suicide prevention (Jamestown Sun)

According to the Jamestown Sun article above, there were 140 suicides in North Dakota in 2016.  Programs like Sources of Strength, created in Bismarck, are working to help students and families step forward and seek help to get that number down to 0 in the near future.  Sources of Strength is now available to the Jamestown Public School District after the Silence the Stigma committee donated the funding for it.

Minot and Harvey named ND Cities of the Year (Minot Daily News – Minot article, Harvey article)

The North Dakota League of Cities is the professional organization of city officials in our state, created for our communities to collaborate to benefit all.  This year, Minot and Harvey have been named large and small Cities of the Year by the LOC.  Both cities credit the award to strong local leaders who are driving forward growth and revitalization projects.

photo by Sebastian Voortman

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