Nice news of the day – September 14, 2018

Dickinson High shows the love for classmate battling cancer (Dickinson Press)

Dickinson High School Senior Lauren Jorda took to the volleyball court on September 13th to a crowd full of fans chanting, “We Love Jorda,” and holding up signs reading, “No One Fights Alone.”  Jorda was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and to show their support, her fellow classmates wore turquoise (the color of ovarian cancer awareness) and her teammates made t-shirts with “God is within her, she will not fall” printed on them.

Fargo’s “Win the Battle” fantasy football league commissioner featured on ESPN (ESPN)

Fargo’s Travis Anderson has been an enthusiastic member of the “Win the Battle” fantasy football league for over a decade – and so, even after being diagnosed with brain cancer, he continues to act as the commissioner of the league.  From the ESPN article:

The league, and fantasy football, provides Travis with an escape and comfort. Something happy to focus on. Last year, another member, Mike, had been diagnosed with cancer. He, thank goodness, is in remission now, but it was a long year. That is why the league is named “Win the Battle.”

ESPN is encouraging its readers (and fellow fantasy leaguers) to reach out to Travis on Twitter and offer their support, and has worked with the Vikings to get Travis and his family to a game.  Matthew Berry, the author of the article may not live in our state, but that kind of nice makes him an honorary North Dakotan.

photo by Pixabay

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