Nice news of the day – September 5, 2018

“A labor of love in Edmore” (WDAY)

Almost 40 friends and families have stepped up to harvest Bryce Hoime’s fields as he battles paralyzing melanoma.  Said his daughter, Katie Hoime, to WDAY:

He’s kind, giving, caring and really has just always been in the community. Has always participated on boards and helping other farmers. He’s given his time. It’s crazy to think how many people are willing to give theirs back.

Watford City middle-schooler opens Paisley’s Treasures (MyNDNow)

Eleven-year old Paisley LeBaron has launched her first store to sell crafts and activity kits for other children.  Named Paisley’s Treasures, the store can be found online on Etsy and in-person in Minot, Garrison, and Watford City.  Paisley is saving 100% of the profits for college.

Williston businesses support library patrons for National Library Card Sign-Up Month (Williston Herald)

Businesses around Williston are offering discounts to shoppers who show a library card through the month of September.  Community members who sign up for a new card will receive a gift bag, and anyone who checks out a book will receive a giveaway.  It is free to get a library card.

photo by George Hodan

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