Nice news of the day – September 3, 2018

Wahpeton’s gardeners grow a plethora of produce for the food pantry (Wahpeton Daily News)

For the past 15 years, Orville Fenske has been producing enough pears and apricots – two fruits unusual to the Red River Valley – to donate an average of 30 pounds every few weeks to the Richland Wilkin Food Pantry. According to the Pantry, Fenske is one of many gardeners who donate more than they eat; and, in some cases, donate everything.  From the article by the Wahpeton Daily News:

There is a growing number of gardeners who will raise crops solely for the food pantry, Lois Fenske explained.

Stump Lake Threshing Bee hearkens back to the early days of North Dakota farming – including lefse (Devils Lake Journal)

September 2 and 3, 2018 were a blast from the past thanks to the Stump Lake Threshing Bee, which featured hand harvesting, an old-time saw mill, blacksmithing demonstrations, and matched mule wagon rides in between a tractor parade, musical performances, a craft show, and a little yellow barrel train.  A wide variety of food options matched the event, including rommegrot and homemade juneberry pie, doughnuts, and lefse.

SRCTC program honored for bringing together students to build a new home (Wahpeton Daily News)

Southeast Region Career and Technology Center, Wahpeton was recognized with the Director’s Award of Excellence for Trade, Industry, and Technical Programs at their annual conference in Bismarck.  SRCTC focuses on creating opportunities that excite students, and recently offered North Dakota’s only stand-alone STEM Academy as a summer event.

photo by Pexels

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