Nice news of the day – September 1, 2018

Topping the nation, 91% of North Dakota middle and high schools have lunchtime salad bars (Fargo Forum)

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s 2018 State Indicator Report on Fruits and Vegetables has determined that North Dakota’s middle and high school students have more fruit and vegetable options than any other state, based on the presence of a lunch salad bar.  North Dakota is number one on the list with 91% of the schools featuring a salad bar, with the next-closest states following at 86% (Vermont) and 85% (Nebraska and Virginia).  The report also shows that North Dakota has approximately nine farmers markets per 100,000 residents, while Minnesota had 3.5.

Susan Kolstad finds a new type of teaching with Survivorship Program (Fargo Forum)

The Roger Maris Cancer Center’s Survivorship Program connects cancer patients and their family members with caregivers to support the emotional, physical, and financial effects of cancer. Thanks to the program, retired teacher Susan Kolstad has connected with a sparkly and special 10-year old in treatment, and together they create arts and crafts and laughs.

“Everything stays local with Dickinson people helping Dickinson people;” Bakken Inflatable 5K raises money and spirits (Dickinson Press)

Three Dickinson non-profits – the United Way, House of Mann, and West Dakota Parent & Family Resource Center – hosted the first-even Bakken Inflatable 5K in August.  Run almost entirely by volunteers, the all-age race included a run through a series of bouncy castles.  Additionally, Familiy Fare West donated bananas to participants.

photo by elPadawan

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