North Dakota Nice: Dickinson Fit Moms

North Dakotans aren’t known for wearing our hearts on our sleeves – which is why it’s so important that we are constantly looking for new or unique ways to connect with and support one another.  Enter Dickinson Fit Moms, a fantastic Facebook group for western North Dakotan parents created to help one another stay mentally healthy by encouraging and aiding one another through #momlife.

The group is led by an wonderful woman named Krystal Boggs, a certified body-positive personal trainer who specializes in pregnant and postpartum women, group fitness, and nutrition.  When she and her family moved from Texas to Dickinson for work, she decided to create an online home for parents like herself to gather – a group that went from 0 to 200 members in less than 48 hours.  While very new, Dickinson Fit Moms is gaining traction quickly; in fact, they recently brought Mommy & Me fitness classes to the West River Recreation Center.

More on the mission of Dickinson Fit Moms from Krystal herself:

We are a group of pregnant and postpartum women based in Dickinson (and surrounding areas) who share our stories to help support and motivate the women in our community to feel better in their bodies. What makes us stand out the most is that we do not allow sales of any kind. New moms tend to experience enough bombardment for weight-loss shakes, pills, wraps, supplements, etc as it is. We created the Dickinson Fit Moms to be a safe space to seek encouragement and support, away from the pressure to buy anything.

Our group also understands that #momlife can be chaos. We don’t judge or shame anyone based on their diet, fitness level, or body size. We are body positive, meaning we believe that healthy can look different on every body, especially when it comes to new mommas! Our focus tends to be weight-neutral and we talk a lot about postpartum “taboo” issues like mental health, pelvic floor dysfunction, and diastasis recti. We encourage self-care, daily movement, eating intuitively and in moderation, and a lot of self-compassion.

And a bit more about Krystal:

I was born and rised in Oregon but I’ve had roots in Alaska and Texas, too. I have a wonderful husband, one little monster toddler, and an Alaskan husky.

Before Dickinson, I was an admin for another “Fit Moms” FB group in Midland, Texas. Being an oilfield town, Midland has a lot of women without any family nearby to help them (myself included). In the Midland Fit Moms group, we saw enormous successes bringing women together, to share our real life struggles, to laugh, to eat, and to exercise together. If it hadn’t been for that group, I personally would not have recovered from my postpartum depression and health issues nearly as well as I did. I got my mental health AND my physical health back thanks to an incredible community of women.

So when my husband needed to transfer for work, I decided to create the same kind of group here in Dickinson because there are a lot of oilfield mommas here, too. Needless to say, a group like this has been much needed.

The Dickinson Fit Moms have shared a few photos of themselves working out with their families, which can be found in this post. To learn more and/or join their group, visit their page here. Thank you, Dickinson Fit Moms (and Krystal) for building such an awesome community!

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