North Dakota Nice: Grand Forks teachers make the first day even better

This story comes from a wonderful Grand Forks parent named Emily Hafner Holth:

We have amazing teachers in the Grand Forks Public Schools. How do I know this? Well, because our 2nd grader decided she wanted to debrief the first day of school with two teachers (one former and one she just knows from her previous school) so she sent each of them a message to see if they had time to video chat with her and both immediately responded YES!

She talked to each for quite a while…talking about the day, showing them her room and her playroom. They each asked about her sisters (by name, of course) and activities she was going to be in this year, and let her know how lucky her new teacher is to have her, etc, etc. These two teachers, no doubt, were extremely busy today…having their own first days of school with new students and then going home to be with their own families after that busy day. But they found time for a 2nd grader that doesn’t even attend their current schools. I am so grateful for their kindness, for their generosity and for the gift they are to students…past, present and future.

Thank you to these fantastic teachers, and thank you, Emily!


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