North Dakota Nice: Shae Bonifacio finds kindness and beauty in Grand Forks

This post comes from a fabulous woman named Shae Bonifacio in Grand Forks, who moved to Grand Forks five years ago to study at UND:

I can’t believe I’ve worked at Greenberg Realty for a year now! I remember those stressful months after graduation, applying for jobs here and there. I got a couple job offers in Cali and Florida but they don’t pay good (you know, that fresh grad graphic designer the cost of living in both areas are high). I am so thankful for the opportunity that Greenberg Realty gave me. I would’ve been in Cali or Florida starving and away from my family! The people that I work with at Greenberg Realty are so nice. They welcomed me to the team whole-heartedly. Skip Greenberg, my boss is one of the most generous and down to earth person I met in Grand Forks. He treats everyone equally.

At first, I didn’t want to stay in Grand Forks because I like the city living and the busy streets; I grew up with that type of setting back in the Philippines. But then I realized the beauty of living in a small town. “North Dakota Nice” Everyone here is so kind and genuine. The crime rate is low, cost of living is affordable and now that I can see my future, it made me want to settle in Grand Forks and start a family here someday like my brother, who inspires and motivates me.

That’s all. Thank you for reading!

Thank you so much, Shae!  Grand Forks is lucky to have you!


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