North Dakota Nice: Mariah Miller gets help mowing

This story comes direct from a lovely Buxton resident named Mariah Miller:

Since my fiancé is deployed I’m in charge of all of the year work until he gets back – which is hard, because I have never had to do yard work in my life. Growing up, my chore was housework and I’ve lived in apartments since.

I was mowing my backyard and the whole yard takes me about 3 hours since all I have is a push mower. But I didn’t do it this last weekend and the grass was extra thick…so it was going to take longer. The neighbor was mowing hers and she had a riding mower. I was like 15 minutes away from getting the backyard done (so I was over an hour into this) and she comes over and offers me her mower to borrow. I politely decline because knowing me, I’d mess her mower up. And she said, “Okay, well, then, can I do it? I know what it’s like with a push mower.” BY THE TIME I GOT DONE WITH THE BACK SHE WAS DONE WITH THE FRONT. I honestly love my little town and my neighbors.

Thank you, Mariah! You (and your neighbor, and the town of Buxton) are awesome!


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